Special Group Offer for

Friends and Scene Builders

If you’re reading this, it means you’re a very special person to us and/or for a lot of dancers out there.

For you specifically, we have an exclusive proposal that we hope will leads us into meet up in Lisbon.

How awesome would that be?


In case you feel lost, David & Cátia are organizing the second edition of the Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz Festival in their Music and Dance Project in Lisbon (Little Big Apple).

Feel free to look at this page’s homepage and surf around to get the event details.

So, what’s up?

For Groups of 6

If you gather 6 friends or more, ideally including yourself, and partner up for classes, here’s what you get:

One Free Full-Pass Ticket

One Free Full-Pass ticket for you to keep as a bonus for your important work in organizing The Team.

Optionally, you can also share it with the Team as a “6 for 5” discount for all.

Free Airport-to-Accommodation transportation for the whole Team

Don’t bother about the details when you arrive. Via pre-payed-for public transportation tickets (which you can then re-use to move around the city), your Designated Buddy will make your life to much easier by making sure you get to your sleeping spot safe, sound and free!

Designated Buddy

We will designate a lovely volunteer from our local scene to be your person-to-call and guidance before and during your stay with us.

He/She will also meet you the airport, at the single time of the group arrival, and offer company and guidance from there on.

What a perfect opportunity to experience the Portuguese hospitality, quickly get to bond with the local scene, and get some precious local expertise and recommendations just for you, right!?

Keep The Early Bird Price

Because organizing a group takes time, besides love, we will keep the Early Bird value for the whole Team. Awesome right!?

Steps to make it work

Know more: Explore the event website in order to see what you’ll be missing if you don’t signup. You can also email us or facebook us questions if you have then.

Find friends: Find a group of 6 or more friends (you included ideally) that would love to join the fun. Notice that they should sign up for classes and need ti be partnered, in terms of leading / following.

Identify: Give the Team the best name possible. Originality and common ground might boost group morale 😉

Signup: Each group member should fill the registration form at the Signup page and insert both the “corresponding partner”, in the corresponding field, and the Team name in the “comments field”.

Find your flights and accommodation: Lisbon is going to have lot’s of opportunities around. For you specifically, we have some tips bellow.

Meet Us and your Buddy: Join the fun and meet your local Buddy so he/she can help you with local questions you might have.


Some of the Team members want the Lindy Pass, others the Full Pass and other the Party Pass. Would would that work?

First, Party Passes do not count up for the “group deal”. They should definitively come and join the ranks of the Team, but their inclusion will not count towards the magic number 6.

Second, Mixing Full Passes and Lindy Passes is fine, because Solo Classes are non-role based, so no imbalance will come out from it. But The members must identify another partner member that should be in the same level.

If that is not the case, we need to make some manual matching to see if the group works for this “deal”, so please contact us, if that is the case.

What do you mean by Partnered? We're 3 Leaders and 3 followers. Would that work?

Maybe. The goal here is to make sure the group will minimally compromise our work in keeping a good Follower / Leader balance and the maximum size of each Partnered Class. So if your Team maintains Classes balance, it works. If not, you need to talk to us for some manual double check.

Ideally, the number of Team members that signed-up for Leading and Following role must be the same for each Class level. The best way to ensure that is by having each member fill in a Team partner name that also signs up for the opposite role in the same Lindy Classes.

Is there a time limit to the offer?

Not really. The offer stands as long as there are tickets available for the group



We’re currently creating a list of local accommodation recommendations just for you 😉

Stay tuned


At Little Big Swing, if you so which, you’ll be able to have group lunch and dinner with your group due to similar schedules regardless of Class group and due to the simplified logistics. Meaning, because all classes and parties take place in the same Venue, that also has some food for sale, you’ll be able to have some relaxed moments together at LBS19.


We’re actually planning a picnic for all participants at the Venue, which would be our pleasure to have you join. Take a peak at the schedule to know more.